Muslims do you see yourself fit in Islam? If yes, are you a murderer?

Islam Creates Mindless Demonic Bloody Murderers

Islam is not peace as Muslim apologists want us to believe. Muslims especially in Asia should  rise above their ego, their foolishness, their stupidity and especially  decide to know the truth. Not, the lies (considered as truth) as taught by Clerics, Mawlana. It’s important to rise above and experience. Knowledge is truth. Knowledge is God for it helps removes the darkness of ignorance. It is important that a person searches from within.

Many ex-Muslims have done it. They discovered the Truth. It’s true, in the beginning, itis bitter. It hurts. But, if one is a true devotee, a true “searcher” of Divinity and a true believer, one will not  be gullible to lies, deception and evil things.  Had I been a Muslim, when I see, since centuries, how come,  in the name of a god, a religion (Islam) so many evil things are being done, I would have enquired and with inquisitive mind search for the reason.