Frightening Footage Shows The Dangers Of Islamic Society In America

Frightening Footage Shows The Dangers Of Islamic Society In America

Britain has made the mistake of welcoming Islamic society and we are beginning to see the devastating consequences of that public policy. 500 British citizens have joined ISIS so far, and those are just the individuals that we know about.

This polarizing video shows just how dangerous it is to have Islamic society mixed in with Christian culture. If you weren’t convinced before that Islam is a radical and intolerant religion, you will be after watching this clip.

Tommy Robinson lives in London, so he knows where the dangerous parts of town are and normally stays away from them. In Britain, the most dangerous neighborhoods are the ones overrun by Muslims implementing their vigilante Sharia Law, where self-appointed enforcers of this radical way of life patrol the streets.

Robinson decided to brave the streets of one of these neighborhoods in order to expose these extremists in the video. He was quickly spotted by the Muslims in his regular clothing.

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Even in his vehicle, Robinson was not completely safe from their attacks. He explained:

“This area here, I used to come down to this area with my mum when I was younger. We used to go shopping. This area now is, literally, just a complete Muslim area. It’s got 19 mosques all within a stone’s throw. And plans for another six.”

Robinson went on to describe how he is “completely unwelcome” in the area, all because he is not Muslim. “If I was walking the streets, I’d get battered,” he remarked. “If I tried to walk from one end to the other, I wouldn’t get out. ‘Cause they get on their phones so quickly.” This all sounds awfully violent for followers of the religion of peace, don’t you think?

Things took a turn for the worse when a Muslim named Saif al-Islam spied Robinson innocently driving down the street. Apparently, Islam is the leader of the group who’s sole purpose is to harass non-Muslims who have the audacity to enter this part of town which the Muslims have unrightfully claimed as their own. Islam quickly made his way to the middle of the busy road to attack Robinson for no reason whatsoever.

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Robinson tried to avoid confrontation, saying he had nothing to discuss with Islam. But as we’ve seen in the past, Muslims are anything but passive. When Islam refused to back down from a fight, Robinson schooled him on a few of the actualities of his bogus religion, saying:

“It’s a shit ideology. It’s got no place. Yeah, it’s got no place, bruv. Sharia Law’s got no place in this country … I stand for integration, bruv. I don’t stand for pedophelic fucking practices.”

Incredibly, even though Islam was the one attacking Robinson just because he isn’t Muslim, the Islamic extremist was the first one to cry “racist” and point the finger at Robinson. Sound familiar?

Out of nowhere, Islam accused Robinson of hating Asians. Clearly, he was grasping at straw at that point in the altercation.

Soon, with no logic left to add, Islam played the only card which he had left – violence. He punched Robinson in the face and then ran off like a scared little boy. Robinson was left to sum up what had happened, saying:

“You see? That is … that is Islam. The thing is you get out of this car, they’ll be here from everywhere, watch. Watch. Watch how many of them now turn up, watch. Watch how many of them now turn up. Do your window up so you can’t get out … That is what they’re like, you see? Now you understand, innit? Do you think that that man is usually a nice, tolerant person? Do you think that he’s bringing his children up to be tolerant towards our children? No. He’s telling them we’ve got the devil in us etc., etc. We’re all gonna burn in hell fire. So when we say, we’re living amongst Islamist fanatical, Sharia-driven scum who wish to completely destroy this nation, you just met one of them.”

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Thanks to Obama, who is a Muslim himself, America has followed in Britain’s footsteps and become a haven for Muslims. Mosques are popping up all over the place and towns which try to prohibit the forming of further Islamic Centers are quickly met with federal lawsuits. Public schools have been forced to accommodate inconvenient Muslim holidays and rituals, all while the Muslim community squawks at any mention of Christian practices.

We will soon see similar situations to the one in this video played out in American cities. This should serve as a wakeup call for the liberal lawmakers who bend over backwards to make Muslims comfortable in the United States. You have been warned.



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