Sarkozy asks for new regulations to immigration at the aftermath of the massacre of Friday 13 November in Paris

Sarkozy asks for new regulations to immigration at the aftermath of the massacre of Friday 13 November in Paris
~ The Truth (15 Nov. 2015)
There is a French saying: ” Après la mort, la tisane” – something like (administering) medicine to the dead .

Is it not too late? France has been silenced together with humanity following the Jihadists, soldiers of Allah who with their assault rifle have made Islam resounding with the tumult of the dead in an unprecedented carnage by applying what the quran ordains to Muslims to “cast terror in their hearts” (8:12; 3:151)
No words can describe the rivers of blood that flowed from the three restaurants where bodies were scattered here and there across theatre and restos
All notions of sanity are laid to rest with the waves of shock of the horrendous killing of French people who have given shelter to Muslims/Arabs and this is the best way of re-paying their debts since the problems of Muslims is Islam and as Mawlana Qadri had said to Ali Sina in a debate in 1999 that : ….. ” We believe that the Muslim way is the supreme way, that the Islamic principle is best and that what the rest of the world does is not up to the mark.”
And as Islam is not compatible with human values and other spiritual values, this is what the Jihadists or Shaheed have done on the Black Friday 13 November in Paris by:
Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them. (2:191)
Fight them and show them harshness. (9:123)
Do not take them as friends and helpers. Smite their necks. (47:4)
Muslims know how to use Taqqiya (art of deception), when they need the help of others. They did the same thing to Kashmiri Brahmins by slitting their throats and in Balochistan, Porkistan, once Hindus were 33% after the Independence and partition and now they are butchered and less than 1% remain. As Ali Sina has showed how believers are allowed to show friendship to the disbelievers outwardly, but never inwardly. For instance, Al-Bukhari recorded that Abu Ad-Darda’ (a close companion of Muhammad) said, “We smile in the face of some people although our hearts curse them.” Al-Bukhari said that Al-Hasan said, “The taqiyah (lying for the sake of Islam) is allowed until the Day of Resurrection.”
Islam is the curse, the dangerous sickness without any medication. There is no hope, no meaning to the senseless and no cure, since, they don’t possess any sense of sanity.
” When Muslims are allowed to enter the western countries, in such a large numbers, they will bring with themselves their ethos and their supremacist mindset. As the history shows the result has always been disastrous and the host countries have always been the losers. As their numbers grow they will demand others to change their way in order to accommodate them. For example, to impose blasphemy law on their citizens and to prosecute and jail those who speak against Islam. They also take their own law into their hands and kill those who criticize their faith.
To expect Muslims to be grateful for granting them refugee status denotes one’s total lack of understanding of Islam and the Muslim mind. As far as Muslims are concerned all the wealth in this world belongs to them. It is your obligation to toil and support them. Your wealth is rightfully theirs. The Quran 8:69 tells Muslims to enjoy what they rob from unbelievers for it is “lawful and good.”
An authentic hadith reports Umar, the second rightly guided caliph of Islam saying [The Prophet] fixed stipends for Muslims, and provided protection for the people of other religions by levying jizyah (poll tax) on them. [Dawud: 19: 2955]” (1)
Meanwhile, Western media and politicians as well as in other countries don’t have the guts to take corrective and active measures to counter Islamic cults that are gnawing into the moral values and respect of others, since Islam does not recognise wisdom and respect of others, even if it is a subderivative of Judaism.
” The Muslims’ belief in their entitlement is so entrenched in their psyche that it is impossible for them to think in any other way. Not only they believe that your wealth is theirs they also believe that non-Muslim women are whores and fair game to rape. It is not possible for Muslims to think in any other way because that would be to doubt their prophet, a thought that they cannot entertain.
This new wave of Muslim invasion, will only spell the destruction of the western civilization and the end of the liberty and democracy in these countries. Muslims will demand more privileges, free housing, free and halal food which entails more cruelty to animals, free medical care, and funding to build mosques. As the result you will be taxed more and will have to take the food off the plates of your children to give it to Muslim men who have no respect for you, your wife and daughter and would not hesitate to rape them if they can get away with it. If this is not insanity please define this word.
So how shall we deal with this humanitarian crisis? We have to keep Muslims from entering the western countries. This is the best for them too. This will allow Muslims to come to their senses and realize what is happening to them is the result of their belief in a false god and a false prophet. Once this realization takes place and Muslims begin leaving Islam there would be nothing to stop them from rebuilding their countries and becoming prosperous nations, like Israelis, who share everything with Muslims except religion.” (2)



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