While Europe is inundated with masses of Muslim immigrants and politicians are scrambling for an answer, the solution is actually quite simple


In his last speech, just hours before he was murdered by the Western-supported thugs the US and EU were hypocritically calling “freedom fighters”, Muammar Gaddafi said: “Now listen you, people of NATO. You’re bombing a wall which stood in the way of African migration to Europe, and  in the way of Al Qaeda terrorists. This wall was LibyaYoure breaking itYou’re idiots, and you will burn in Hell for thousands of migrants from Africa and for supporting Al Qaeda. It will be soI never lieAnd I do not lie now.”

And it turned out he did not lie. “People of NATO”, a.k.a. idiots, bombed and ruined the wall that stood on the way of African migration to Europe. Now this wall is no more, and Libyans who enjoyed social benefits the West can only dream about are running from this Western-ruined country to the West- together with millions of other migrants from Africa and the Middle East.

Europeans are in a panic; immigration from Africa and the Middle East to their countries takes the shape of a true catastrophe. Chiefs of Security Agencies in Britain, France and Germany issued a joint statement where they stressed a necessity for a quick solution for the problem of refugees who inundate Europe. Among the proposed measures there figures a necessity to urgently create the “hot spots” in the main points of entry in Italy and Greece. There immigrants will be registered and finger-printed.

83576224_migrantskosgettyChiefs of Security Agencies preferred not to inform the public  that under the current rates of immigration, the entire continent of Europe can very quickly become a “hot spot”. They also chose not to recognize that finger-printing can help solve the immigration problem as efficiently as a purgative can solve the problem of AIDS.

Meanwhile, European politicians try to place the blame on each other.

Hungary said it would not admit tens of thousands of refugees and is now finishing building “the wall” on its border with Serbia. The wall is of course an exaggeration; it’s just a fence of barbed wire that can be easily cut with regular metal-cutting scissors, jumped over (its height is only three meters) or immigrants can simply dig a hole under it. However, even that was enough for politicians of “old-Europe” to start their screams. French Foreign Minister called European countries to discuss what he called a lack of respect for “common European values”  on the part of Hungary. In response, Hungary made it clear that if accepting thousands of hostile immigrants on its territory with the obligation to feed, cure, teach and host them was equivalent to “common European values”, then these “common European values” could go to hell, together with the European Union itself. The Hungarian Foreign Ministry invited the French Ambassador and lectured him on the inadmissibility of such remarks which are tantamount to interfering with the internal affairs of the sovereign country.

Ex-Chancellor  of Germany Gerhardt Schroder has said that Europe cannot separate from migrants with a new “Iron Curtain”. He has also informed bewildered Germans that they must support hundreds of thousands of immigrants and help them integrate because the German population is aging and the government needs them to support its social security system, delicately omitting the fact most immigrants do not even bother to hide, that they are coming not to break their backs in order to support German social security- but to pump it dry, comfortably sitting on generous German welfare.

Screen-Shot-2015-09-10-at-9.06.25-PMThe Pope condemned crimes against illegal immigrants and invited to pray for them.

Merkel and Hollande repeat the mantra that the problem needs an “urgent solution”- but do not say a word about how exactly they are going to solve it.

So, a lot of talks, a lot of calls to humanism and invitations to pray for immigrants and demonstrate “European unity”- but it’s evident that nobody knows what to do with these hordes, except one evident thing: Europe simply cannot accept such a number of immigrants.


Meanwhile, the solution is quite evident: if Europe cannot accept them- then Europe must stop them. Quite simple. Yes, but nobody dares to say it for fear of being labeled “racist”, “Islamophobe”, “right-wing bigot” and other senseless labels the Western liberal media is immediately putting on anyone who says that the problem of immigration has a very simple solution: JUST STOP IT.

And there is absolutely no need to sink ships in African ports (such ideas were already voiced in Europe); what should be done is much simpler.

Immigrants run to Europe moved by purely economic motives; they do not want to stay in a poor Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, and even Spain, Greece and Portugal are not attractive to them. They are heading for Germany, the Netherlands and Great Britain, where wages and above all, social subsidies, are higher. This is what they want. So stop paying social benefits- and the number of immigrants who want to come to Europe will fall. No social flats, no regular payments to immigrants for their “right “ not to work, no free medicine… Nothing. Billions of saved Euros should be sent for aid to the European CITIZENS, natives of the country, who have at least one child. More children- more help. This, together with stopping the moaning that having children is such a terrible “responsibility” that men and woman should assume it only when they have well-paid jobs, good flats, trendy clothes and cars and so on-the list is so long that most Europeans never reach its end and never have children- will solve the problem of the “rapidly aging population”. The main mission of any government is to protect ITS OWN citizens first, not those who could not build their countries and now come to ruin ours. (Read our book, Immigrants of Doom, which addresses this very issue.)

Those who could find a job can stay while they are working. After that- back home. They got what they came for, and after that Europe owes them nothing.

Europe cannot do without immigrants? Come on, an average unemployment rate in the EU is over 12 percent, and in such countries as Greece, Spain and Portugal it exceeds 25 percent. Do our leaders want really to convince us that we lack working hands, when every fourth Spaniard and every eighth European in general is unemployed?

Europeans do not want to work on low-paid heavy and unqualified jobs, they tell us, and we need immigrants: Lie! Immigrants do not hurry to accept low paid jobs either; they prefer to sit on welfare or social aid for “refugees” or aid for large families, or on any other of some twenty-plus aids Europe offers them. And just open unqualified vacancies in Spain, Greece or Portugal: 700 applicants for a single vacancy of a janitor or a forklift operator is quite normal. Europeans ARE ready to accept low-paid and unqualified jobs; what they are NOT ready to accept is getting wages lower or at the level of welfare. In this case, they prefer to sit on welfare. So instead of paying billions of Euros in aid to immigrants, it would be wiser to increase wages for its own citizens.

Europe does not need an unqualified workforce, they tell us- and that is very true; Europe does not need millions of janitors and street cleaners. It needs some limited number of scientists, skilled technicians, experts in finance, marketing, advertising… Do the millions of immigrants from Pakistan, Yemen and Syria satisfy these criteria? If not- why accept them and doom millions of people, both immigrants and natives, to living in misery, increasing social tensions in European countries and facing inevitable growth of delinquency rate and terrorist attacks?

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 9.06.25 PM

Immigrants will start rioting? Arrest them, send them to immigration camps which they will build with their own hands, under police and Army guns if necessary- and make them work their tickets back home. And let’s not forget that all immigrant riots combined will cost times less than the cost of  just one year of aid to them.

Close borders and do not let boats and ships with immigrants enter European ports. Keep them out, supply them with fuel, water, food, blankets- but do not let them in. It’s not humanistic, and hundreds can die? Yes, hundreds can die. But in the last two years, over 10,000 immigrants died attempting to reach European shores, and thousands more will die if Europe does not make it clear,  calmly but firmly, that the free of charge soup is over.

If not- in two years millions of hungry, desperate and violent people who have nothing to lose will start wandering from one European country to another, killing, robbing, raping and sweeping all on their way- and Europe will have to start shooting them from helicopters like wild beasts, accompanying the act with hypocritical declarations about “human rights”.

By Y.K. Cherson and Rachel Molschky.



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