Threat to Israel: Obama administration is playing a very dirty game.

Threat to Israel: Obama administration is playing a very dirty game.
~ Vivek Mishra

One is to prevent Israel (or sending a message to israel that “you are a small country, don’t play in the ground of the biggest country) especially we know, US arms market has reduced, India has partnered with Israel, Russia, while, Pakistan, begging country are kneeling to bankruptcy and can’t afford to buy US weapons and are getting weapons “alms” from China.

It’s up to Israel to rely on its capabilities and need the proper timing. Besides, India has what is needed in terms of weapons of mass destruction in case Iran looks a threat, for Iran knows, it will get nuked also. China is playing the bigger games in fact with its foreign policy and hypocritical games, when, it is trying to play on several pitches at the same time.

Turkey has suddenly seen its neighbouring foe Syria on the verge of destruction and has been playing the religious islamic idealogical games like Iran and Porkistan at the same time keeping its people stupid but fanatical zealots and turning them into a fundamentalists banks ready to wage war and the hate of the quran against Christians and Jews are perfect example of the creation of monsters of ISIS, AL Qaeda with the help of the USA who has well seen a market to tap to sell its weapons to both Turkey and Qatar, another jihadist and ISIS financial and weapons supporter.


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