In 1748 CE Mughals (Muslims who ruled India) appointed Meer Mannu as Governor (Subedar) of Lahore and also as a Nawab of Multan. A fanatical Muslim he wanted to kill all Sikhs.He gave money to Muslims who would bring him a Sikh head. He ordered that all Sikh women in Jails to be provided with specially made heavy flour grinding instrument named Chakki. Sikh woman happily would sing the Shabads of Nanak and grind flour whole day.They preferred hard work and toil to the choice of Islam. 

Meer Mannu then ordered that all Sikh infants be killed unless they or their mothers should get converted to Islam. More than 300 Sikh infants were killed by Muslims and their dead bodies given back to their mothers. History of Hindustan records with pride and veneration that not a single Khalsa mother got converted to Islam. 


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