Islamic Cleric tells women to ‘conceal’ her daughter’s rape by Husband

On an Islamic E-fatwa site, a Muslim women complains to Islamic cleric about her husband who has raped his daughter, for which she wanted solution. The reply by Islamic cleric is shocking, read the complain and the solution provided by Islamic cleric. See here.


conceal daughter's rape by husbandMy husband has sexually assaulted our daughter of 14 years old. She says he came in her bedroom, lied down behind her, undress her undergarment and put his private part from behind to front. she is not sure if it was entered or not. he left it there a while and then went away. I have thrown him out the day I found out. He denies it but I don’t believe him. He says it is unintentional if it happened. Could I give him another chance? He says he realizes his faults now and that he was away from deen and zikr and it is very important to be focused with Islam If I look at whats happened I hate this man. but when I look at the 17 years we’ve spent together I feel emotionally shattered. Two people who have been told the situation say that in Islamic shariah we could no longer live as husband and wife after his action. I don;t event know if I can live with him anymore but would still like to rectify the situation. Please could you tell me is our nikah now haraam.


All perfect praise be to Allaah, The Lord of the Worlds. I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allaah, and that Muhammad , is His slave and Messenger.

What this man did is a great, abominable and obnoxious sin. In addition to its being a great sin, it is contrary to the Fitrah and the natural predisposition of human beings as we have clarified in Fataawa 88782 and86063.

Dear Sister, what your husband did does not make you forbidden for him and it does not invalidate the marriage. However, you should conceal his sin and not disclose it to people, especially since he claims that he has repented and has become righteous, and that he even denies doing it.

Nevertheless, you should be careful of him and not leave any occasion for him to be in seclusion with your daughter lest he should do the same thing again as he cannot be trusted. Also, your daughter should observe Hijaab in front of him as long as it is feared that he would commit what is forbidden with her.

Allah Knows best.



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