Muslim Scholar Leaves Islam

broken chain of islam

Respected Sir,

This is ….  from ….. I was searching for a good Ex Muslims platform on Internet. I found your both websites Fantastic. Sir you are doing a very good work. There is lot of things to discuss, I don’t know from where should I begin let me come right to the point,

Sir, I have a very good Islamic Background, brought up in an Islamic family, memorized Quran, studied Tafseer, Hadith, Fiqh and all other stuff what Ulemas do. I hold a degree in Islamic Studies. I am a CERTIFIED ISLAMIC SCHOLAR. I mastered in Quranic Recitation, I wrote a book on Quranic recitation which is currently running in some well-known schools in my locality. I am an active preacher of Quran. My people rely on me and expect a big work from me. Currently I am running a Quranic School. This is what I seem to be in short publicly.

But, what is inside my heart is totally different. I made a very big research in my life at last I got to know the truth about my religion. From past four months I left Islam in my Heart but I cannot reveal it to others because of the punishment fixed by Islam. It is very difficult to be among Muslims, teaching them about Islam and hiding the reality from them.

Sir, I need your personal advice regarding my matter, especially regarding my CAREER. I have not learned anything in my life except Islam. My aim was to be a STAR in Islamic World, So I devoted my life in studying Islam, Quran and promoting it. But after my research I cannot live in this stage….

I need your advice whether I should attend some career courses and make my career in a different field or I can work in an opposite direction, I mean writing articles against Islam, making documentaries, working for an Anti-Islamic Organization, etc.

If you ask me about my preference I would definitely choose to work against Islam, Because I HATE Islam and I know Islam in depth. Being a scholar, I can spot the POTHOLES which is invisible to others. Actually I want to save the humanity from falling into this Dangerous HELL.

Sir, I have shortened my message for your convenience, Hope so I am clear. Kindly guide me with your experience.

Best Regards


Dear friend and brother,

Prior to studying the Quran in 1994 I was utterly ignorant of Islam.  What the average Muslim is taught is absolutely nothing.  Half of what we learn is lies and myths and the other half is so much sugarcoated that the only thing it does not resemble is truth.   Despite that I knew I had to warn the world about Islam and began educating myself.  This became my mission.

I did not quit my work. I worked during the day and at night I sat in front of my computer and wrote articles and responded to emails.  My heart was not in my work. I wanted to tell the world about Islam. Apparently God saw my struggle and ruined my business so I don’t waste time on it.

Your case is different. It seems that God has groomed you all your life to be a learned scholar of Islam and finally, He sent you his enlightenment.  Now you have both, the knowledge and the understanding.  I only had the latter.

Despite my lack of knowledge, I have done quite well. I have helped thousands of Muslims to leave Islam and either directly or indirectly helped millions to learn the truth about this cult.  Starting to write around 1997-1998 I was the first person to use the Internet as a medium to expose Islam.   After the 9/11 many more came to the forefront and now we are thousands.

You have both the knowledge and the understanding.  I have no doubt that you can achieve much more than me.  Your knowledge of Islam is a great gift. You did not waste your time studying it. It was part of your divine purpose.  Everything that happens to us has a purpose.  When I look back at my life I see everything that happened to me, whether good or bad pushed me towards what I am doing now.  There was a purpose for my coming to this world.  There was a reason why I survived a deadly fall at the age of nine when my doctor said to my parents, I won’t make it. All my successes and all my failures had a reason. Everybody’s life has a purpose.  You spent your entire life becoming an expert on Islam for this moment. Knowledge does not bring enlightenment.  I have over 1000 books on my hard drive, but my laptop is not enlightened.  Knowledge is good when it is accompanied by enlightenment. Now you have both.  You have to capitalize on it.  This is a great blessing that is bestowed on you and not on other Muslim scholars.   They are certainly no more enlightened than my laptop. Actually there is some light coming out or my laptop. These Muslims scholars emit no light.

Of course you also need to make money to survive. This needs a little pacification.  There are ways to make a living while putting to work your expertise.  Apply for a teaching position in a university.  You can teach Islamic studies.  Maybe this is something you can do even in your country, but most certainly you can do it in a western country, such as UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and USA. You may even find a teaching position where you can teach online. If you have to spend some time to upgrade your diploma it is a time well spent.

Another way to make a living is to write books.  But I don’t think you should rely on books alone for your sustenance.   You need a steady source of income.  Books may or may not sell enough to support you.  If you become a successful writer, you can even make money by giving speeches. Ayan Hishi Ali does that and she is doing quite well.  This may require that you migrate to one of the above mentioned countries.

Your heart is in this and you have the knowledge.  These are the two ingredients for success. I don’t think it is a good idea for you to start learning another profession. Religion is a field in itself.  You can make a living while putting to good use your knowledge and do what you most love to do.

I publish my response to you in the hope that this may open doors to new opportunities and also encourage others to leave Islam.

As for anti-Islam organizations, there are none. Every anti jihad or anti Islam website is run by volunteers who do free work and spend from their own money.  We do this because we love humanity and don’t want to see the world destroyed by a demonic cult.

Meanwhile, you can start a blog on and write anonymously.

I wish you success

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