Religion of Peace ! – Saudi Arabia schools teach productive learning skills of hate and dismemberment.

Witchcraft or sorcery to this day it is a criminal offense punishable by death in Saudi Arabia. It is unknown how many have actually been prosecuted in the country for this offense but it is estimated that approximately 120 people were arrested in 2009 in the province of Makkah for practicing magic.  Of course, most of the arrest were women.  Mustafa Ibrahim was an Egyptian who in 2007 was arrested and convicted of using sorcery and beheaded.  Another person sentenced to death that year was Abdul Hamid Bin Hassan Bin Moustafa al-Fakki from Sudan for casting a spell to try to separate a married couple.  In 2009, a Lebanese television presenter, Ali Sibat, was sentenced to death for fortune-telling.  This month Amina bint Abdulhalim Nassar was convicted and beheaded for witchcraft and sorcery.

Are you wondering what does this have to  do with school teachings?  Well a lot, as science, math, and critical thinking skills are not focused on in Saudi Arabia.  Just recently the textbooks of the Saudi Arabia schools were evaluated and it showed the proper way to cut off hands and feet of people convicted of crimes.  They still teach that age old concept of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.  Revenge at it finest.  Perfectly instilled into developing minds to generate hatred and destruction.  Guaranteed to ensure that no one wins.   Factions of the Saudi Arabian government and the fanatical clerics, who are in charge of the school curriculum, are filled with hate and destruction for all those who are different. They will sacrifice their children’s future, their opportunities, their happiness, their productivity, their inventiveness, and their hope of betterment and instead they embrace oppression, war, conflict, and horror.

A former CIA agent and a Saudi teacher stated that there is nothing to worry about.  The teacher says he glosses over this part and basically it is made out to be worse that it really is.  Of course, one has to wonder if the children are allowed to read the books in their entirety,  If they are how does a teacher gloss over such information?  Then again, maybe I am being a little too concerned or maybe not.  I have provided another website so that you can access the situation further.

So what do you think?  Is this a country who we need to respect culturally, religiously or politically?  Maybe we should give them the same tolerance as they give others, what do you think?


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