By S.P. Attri (USA)

January 10, 1999

. Though homo-sexuality occurs outside of Islam also, inside Islam it configures as its inescapable and integral part and the large-scale habitual usage of this practice, by the Moslems, is indubitable and indisputable from the history of Islam itself. This custom and its usage was shocking to the Hindus, of course, but not to the Moslems who, though they swear by Allah, did not regard it as a bad thing at all, let alone an immoral or an illegal one. Though Islamic homo-sexuality is wide-spread, over far-reaching corners of Islam, most Hindus do not have a clue about it nor the cause of its occurrence in Islam, because the truth is being submerged by the wind-bags of false-hood manufacturers (Moslems, Missionaries, and Marxists), who are assisted in their nefarious designs by their Phony-Liberal Hindu cronies, who are targeting Hindus, to insult and degrade their religion. The false-hood manufacturers categorize homo-sexuality (especially lesbianism) as a Hindu custom and you can observe a demonstration of this in their incessant pyrotechnics on the movie “Fire,” where even the names assigned to two characters in the movie, in a lesbian relationship, are the names of Hindu goddesses. The obvious intent is to degrade and desecrate the Hindu religion and to humiliate the Hindu.

2. The latest entrant to this lesbian controversy is the Allah-Swearing Tamil Naidu Moslem Board, that has issued a stern admonition to all Moslem women, not to watch the movie “Fire” at all. This Allah-Swearing Board has judged that it is “Haraam” for Moslem women to watch this film, either in cinema halls, or on TV, or in Video players. They state that because of its lesbian theme, the movie is contrary to Islam. Contrary to Islam? What a suit-case of fiction! Lesbianism is not only not contrary to Islam but is a part and parcel of Islam and is the veritable product of its Draconian Monster laws.

3. Quran expressly permits Moslems to acquire slaves through conquests. In Islam, war is prescribed for a Moslem on religious grounds and the concomitant slavery and lesbianism have always been integral and inescapable parts of Islamic wars, as fringe benefits for the Moslem Jehadis and are, therefore, completely conformal with the spirit and teachings of Islam. Mohammad recognized slaves as the property of the Moslem master and nearly all Moslem Sultans kept a large troupe of concubines inside their lavish harems, as permitted by Quranic laws. Inside these harems, lesbianism became an inescapable custom of choice among the sex-starved occupants of the harems, in the dream-house palaces of the Sultans. There is nothing like this wrack and ruin that occurred, at any time and any where inside the Hindu System, throughout its ten thousand year old history.

4. Islamic monster laws, that belong to the dark ages, and the Islamic slave system and its attendant lesbianism, are incontestably the product of the principles of Islam and represent the great wheels of Islam, in its march towards the extermination of the Kafirs (non-Moslem infidels) and their Kufr.

Quran gave a divine sanction to the custom of polygamy and concubinage. So, a Moslem can have wives (number limited to four) and can supplement them with half-wives or concubines (no limit on their number) captured in holy wars (Jehad) as those “whom your right hand possesses,” perfectly in keeping with the laws of Quran. A Moslem, therefore, engages in this activity with a clean conscience and religious fidelty.

This activity and its multiplication was made possible because of the fast- growing Islamic Imperialism. To say that lesbianism is anti-Islamic ( as held by the Allah-Swearing Tamil Naidu Moslem Board) is utter non-sense.

5. As a practical reality, it must be realized that concubinage and harems are possible only for those creeds that practice aggressive wars, such as Islam, and annex outside territories from where they can pick male and female slaves. There is nothing like this kind of cataclysm any where in Hinduism, where women are venerated and called as Devis (goddesses).

Islam is just the reverse where woman has a lowly position and she exists only for the man’s pleasure and because of this permissivity, lecherous Moslems have taken unbelievable liberties with her honor and decorum; all this conducted, of course, in the name of Allah.

Consequently, infidel lands that fell to the sword of Islam, provided the lecherous Moslems with a continuous and copious supply of fresh slave men and women (concubines) and they filled their harems for the corporal pleasure of the lecherous Moslem faithfulls, who were doing all this hard work of Jehad in the service of their Compassionate Allah.

6. There are many laws of Islam which are behind the perverted passions (homo- sexuality) in Islam. Islam is a man’s religion in which the woman’s low position is a matter of Shariat and Quranic religion, and which is a source of utter misfortune and oppression on women. Women are regualry beaten in all Islamic countries. At least 70% of the Moslem husbands regularly beat their wives. There are many many edicts of Islam, including Triple-Talaq etc that create hell for a Moslem woman and causes her plenty of shame for being a woman.

A logical question may be asked if these Draconian laws of Islam can be repealed or retracted.

The answer is a Big Fat NO.

A retraction of these laws is simply not in the cards. This is because the Mullahs and the Maulvies, who run the show in Islam, for reasons of their own, would never agree to a recantation of these laws, however ghastly or repulsive they might be. As a spur of necessity (Americans call it the Hobson’s Choice), the Moslem Clergy must keep alive the myth, fiction, and solemnity of these Draconian laws from Allah, and must Dragoon it down the throats of the Moslem faithfulls and their women, in order to keep their Moslem troops in line. This is because a decampment of these Draconian Laws would mean the Dethronement of Islam itself. In this steeplechase, the Mullahs have a strong ally in an edict of the Quran which states that “Once A Moslem (either by birth or by conversion) Is Always A Moslem, No Exceptions Permitted, & Deserters From Islam MUST Be Executed.” Quran also says that Allah is the Real Sovereign and in Allah alone are vested the decisions & functions of giving or taking away of authority. What this means is that, no man (and no Moslem ) has the authority to repeal or recant these laws. Only Allah can abrogate these laws, no body else can. Period.

The Draconian Laws of Islam, which dragoon the Moslems like heck, work with military efficiency because it is backed by an intricate complex of Military- Theocratic Power and by the Dreaded FATWA.

7. In addition to Lesbianism (homo-sexuality among women), gay-ism (homo- sexuality among men) is also very much a part of Islam and can be traced for its sources to the same edicts and the Draconian Laws of Islam that are meted out to its followers and the custom of slavery that is widely prevalent in Islam.

It is a famous fact of history that, many Moslem Sultans were very fond of handsome beardless young slaves whom they kept close as pages, personal service-boys, and as gay-companions. Some of the Sultans had an infatuation for these handsome, beardless, slave-boys who received special favors from their masters. This practice if unnatural sexual relations was wide-spread among the Sultans and among the Moslem nobility. There were thousands of such beardless young boys to satisfy the “perverted passions” of the Moslem nobility and Sultans.

A Moslem Sultan is unthinkable without his harem and without his troupe of hundreds of handsome young personal slave-boys. All these were needed to serve the Sultan and this custom is a significant fact of Moslem history and is also an integral part of Islam. Islam, of course, categorizes this good stuff as gifts from Allah, as rewards for the Moslem’s Jehad. In a Moslem’s Paradise, seventy-two Houries and lots of tender young boys are awaiting and available to each Jehadi Moslem. Therefore, in real life, a Moslem does not regard these “perverted passions” as something to sneeze at.

8. Even in our own times, this custom is wide spread in Islam and Moslems are busy trying to imitate the lavish life-style of their earlier Sultans and nobility. In Pakistan, this custom is very wide-spread especially in its NWFP (North West Frontier Province) province. Horror Stories of male-child abuse keep pouring in from the NWFP province of Pakistan. A large part of Pakistan population lives in slums and the young boys of these slums are forced to assist in the economic survival of their family, including service to the clients of the nearby hotels. Hotels use these boys to attract customers and make good money through this process. It is worth noting that customers (practitioners of this perverted sex) neither consider this practice bad nor against Islam; they continue to prey upon these working tender young boys as well as swear by Allah as fidelty to their faith of Islam. The hotels encourage this trade and the offering of these services to their customers.

In civilized societies, such practices are classed as “Child-Molestation.” In Islam, this custom is well-established, well-accepted, in fact is a tradition to molest boys (after all Islam’s Laws came from Allah, Allah knows everything and Allah can never be wrong!). Boys are, therefore, kept specially for sex. The rigid segregation of men and women in Islam augments the growth of these Islamic practices of perverted sex.

What about the rescuing of the children who are the victims and targets of this abuse?

No body in Pakistan is concerned about it nor is anybody talking about it. Pakistanis prefer to hide it and keep it hidden…their Mullahs/Maulvies tell them that Allah will take care of them and of everything else!

9. Because of this unworthy and perverted homo-sexual record of Islam, it is utter rubbish to portray Lesbianism or Gay-ism as a Hindu institution. This depiction of Hinduism is a shameful lie and a disgraceful deception hatched by Islam and its bunkmates, and should be rigorously opposed and unsparingly condemned by all civilized human beings.


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