Hindus should adopt Militancy wherever they live

Hindus should adopt Militancy wherever they live 
Mohan Lal Gupta

The 800,000 inhabitants of these South Pacific Fiji islands include those with Melanesian (and Polynesian) ancestors and those descended from Bhartiya indentured labourers who were shipped in by the British between 1874 and 1920 to cut sugar cane.  In 1987, the ethnic Bhartiyas, who made up about 52 percent of the population, elected the first Bhartiya people based government.  The ethnic Melanesians, led by Stiveni Rabuka, promptly staged two military coups. They declared a republic, left the commonwealth and on restoring civilian rule in 1990, wrote a new constitution that forbade ethnic Bhartiyas to hold power. 

Some 50,000 Bhartiya Fijians left the country. This not only decreased their proportion of the population to 42 percent, but since their wealth and business acumen  had driven much of the economy – – a source of Melanesian envy — it left the country much poorer. 

Mr. Rabuka decided to make up with the Bhartiya opposition and Fijian law makers wrote a new constitution that guaranteed Bhartiyas new 19 seats in the parliament and Melanesians 23 seats, with 25 seats open to all races. In May, 1999 Fiji elected its first Ethnic Bhartiya prime minister, Mahendra Chaudhry – and the monster of racial intolerance roared back to life.  This time the agent was George Speight, a man whom the new government had dismissed last year as chairman of two timber companies.   He barged into the parliament on may 19, 2000 with other six gunmen and took the government (including Mr. Chaudhry) hostage. The ethnic Fijians have taken to arms to remove the Bhartiya politicians from office after they were duly elected. He claims his crusade is to reserve power exclusively for ethnic Melanesians and sadly, many Fijians are supporting his cause. 

The ethnic Indian prime minister of Fiji, a Hindu, is still being held by that bastard African, Christian ape. The majority population of Fiji is Christian and belongs to Methodist church. You never know what black people are going to do, they  can turn insane within seconds. 

The parents, grandparents, great-grandparents of present Bhartiya generation  have worked really hard and developed this country Fiji to a world class nation. The rights of Bhartiya people in Fiji have been taken away by guns.  Bhartiya people have been suppressed by the military and police to a stage where they cannot open their mouth to fight for their rights.  The military of Fiji comprises 95 percent of Fijian origin. 

Native Fijians in the past and in this recent coup have looted and burnt houses as well beaten and raped Bhartiya women.  Bhartiya men, women and children are terrorised and hit with sticks and stones by Fijian people who are believed to be supporter of rascal and undemocratic George Speight. Fijians are urged by their leaders on radio to commit violence against Bhartiya people.  A lot of violence and injustice is being carried out against Bhartiyas.  Every Bhartiya is living in fear.  The minority Bhartiya community in Fiji is under serious threat of violence. Their only choice at this moment keep their mouth shut and suffer. 

The U.S. ambassador to Fiji, Osman Siddique, a Bangladeshi American, on June 9 branded Speight a terrorist and said he should be brought to trial, but this is unlikely to happen as Fiji’s military rulers have already promised Speight and his supporters amnesty from prosecution.                

At present the Bhartiya   population is about 44 percent, while the Fijians are 51 percent. THE POPULATION IS ALMOST EQUAL. But the Hindus, naturally, will hardly ever put up a fight. The fate of their Hindu prime minister  is on the line, and all these Bhartiya  people are hiding in their houses afraid of being beaten up the Fijians. If they  destroy one Bhartiya shop, Bhartiya people  should go destroy 10 of theirs. But that won’t  happen. What will most likely happen is that some extremist Fijians will take over   the govt. and then massacre or kick all the Bhartiyas  out of the country. Already the people of Bhartiya are being terrorised in the villages of Fiji. Then the  Hindus will return crying to Bharat as refugees, seems to be the popular thing  right now. For how long Bhartiya people should suffer due the impotency of Government of Bharat? Fijian people of Bhartiya origin has come to the point where they cannot tolerate any more torture and humiliation. Bhartiya government always expect from nonresident Bhartiyas to invest in Bharat and  help Bharat when the country is in trouble due to wrong policies of the Government of Bharat but never rushes to help people of Bhartiya origin when they are in trouble in foreign countries. Bhartiya government always watches from the sidelines whenever Bhartiya people living in foreign countries are in trouble  and do not take any action to defend Bhartiyas who are counting on their help. 

When Stiveni Rabuka staged a coup in 1987, Bhartiya government just made some verbal statement instead of helping Bhartiya people in a practical manner.  The result was Stiveni Rabuka ruled the country Fiji for 10 years and the people of Bhartiya origin migrated to Australia,  Newzeland, Canada and in some other countries, resulting in the decrease of people of Bhartiya origin in Fiji. When Sitiveni Rabuka staged a coup for the first time, then many Fijian leaders of Bhartiya origin went to Bharat to seek help from the government of Bharat. These Fijian leaders of Bhartiya origin met some ministers of Bhartiya government  and asked for practical help.  The help they were asking was a military intervention as government of Bharat has done in Maladive islands, but no help was provided to the Fijian people of Bhartiya origin by the Bhartiya government. 

The type of activities which George Speight is carrying out in Fiji, similar activities were carried out by some goonda and antinational elements in Maladives.  The defence minister Krishan Pant took only couple of hours to do take military action in Maldives while the lives of Bhartiya people were not involved. But the government of Bharat declined to do any military intervention in Fiji.  Then the Fijian  leaders of Bhartiya origin made a request to set a up a military camp for training people of Bhartiya people in neighbouring Australia or Newzeland so that if there is any future coup in Fiji, then these trained people in military activities could protect the Bhartiya people in Fiji and other neighbouring countries. The government of Bharat did not agree to set up a military camp in Australia at that time. 

When an ex-Bhartiya ambassador to Fiji was asked, why there is no help to people of Bhartiya people living in Fiji, when George Speight took hostage of Prime Minister Mahendra Chaudhry and other members of parliament, then the Bharat’s ex-ambassador dismissed any notion of loyalty to Bhartiya Hindu expatriates in Fiji. In his view the condition of Bhartiya people in Fiji was non-important and a non issue for the government of Bharat saying Bharat has nothing to do with Fiji and its Bhartiya people.  In his view Fiji is a sovereign country with internal problems. It is same attitude of the present High Commission when the recent coup by George Speight took place in Fiji. 

The coup took place in Fiji on May 19,2000.  By May 29, every High commission and embassy was issuing warnings to their nationals to leave Sauva for safer places, or leave Fiji altogether.  The notable exception was the Bhartiya High commission.  They (officials of the Bhartiya High Commission) seemed rather unconcerned about the fact that when ethnic violence breaks out in Fiji, Bhartiya nationals are usually the first targets of violence.   

The Bhartiya government  has an obligation, a moral responsibility to make it clear to all Bhartiyas living in Fiji and other countries, that it has got no intention of getting herself involved in their problems and they are making a mistake in hoping that Bharat would ever come to their aid whenever they are in trouble.  Government of Bharat and its politicians fail to understand the suffering and pains of affected people living in foreign countries, when people of Bhartiya origin are harassed and tortured. 

Every country in the world looks after its citizens settled overseas, but not the government of Bharat.  It did not help the people of Bhartiya people settled in overseas countries may it be Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Madagascar, Fiji, Mayanmar, Sri lanka or any country.  United States and most of the European countries not only put diplomatic pressure but take some practical steps to protect its citizens and their interests in foreign countries, but not the government of Bharat. 

Whatever the action government of Bharat wants to take in Fiji, must do it fast, otherwise people of Bhartiya origin may split in different camps, or a situation may come where Fiji island might have to be split in two countries. The government of Bharat should take help of Australia, Newzeland, Japan, Indonesia to protect the interests and lives of people of Bhartiya people in Fiji. The government should also help the military of Fiji in curbing the tyrant, wicked and bad people of Fijian society. 

Tamil tigers might be considered a terrorist organization in the world, but it has made it clear to the world that Hindu society is alive and kicking and can make sacrifices to protect its interests. Organization like Tamil Tigers should be made all over the world to protect the lives and interests of Hindus.  The government of Bharat should help in establishing military camps for Hindus and provide facilities for training  them and also supply arms to them all over the world for protecting their lives and interests, especially in those rogue countries where there is possibility of harassment of Hindus. Government of Bharat and other organisations should try to win over people of other nationalities and  should also involve these people of other nationalities for the protection of Hindus living in foreign countries. This is the only way to restrain people, opposed to the interests of Hindus and who like to  harass Hindus thinking Hindus make a meek community. 

The government should increase its diplomatic efforts whenever Hindus are in trouble living in foreign countries and should help in the formation of Hindu militant protection groups in foreign countries especially in countries in Fiji, Uganda, Kenya, Madagascar or wherever undemocratic parties or rascal people rule  and also help such Hindu groups in getting arms.     
Hey Ram, Give these Bhartiya people some courage, so that they discard the defeatist non-violence theories as non-violence has always brought death and disaster to Hindus, adopt militancy in nature and  perform the balancing act by taking revenge against those people who harass Hindu community anywhere in the world and protect themselves anywhere in the world by forming militant groups. These militant groups should also motivate Hindu organisations to challenge defeated imperialist ideologies like Christianity and Islam and let the world know that Hindu community is not a meek and weak society. 

Mohan Lal Gupta,  Cambridge, Canada


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