Female Saudi Journalist Sabriah Jawhar Interviewed: The information she provides is mind blowing.


Now I have a couple of problems with this interview.

1.  No real information is given. (Biggest Issue).

2. She states that the majority of women have bigger concerns than driving (however doesn’t give them) .

3.  They state that interviews by foreign journalists create mistrust as they are misquoted but they don’t provide any source to that statement.

4.  Getting information is difficult on Saudis as they are mistrustful of foreigners.

5.  Talking to women is extremely difficult.

6.  Talks about extremism and how it is not really part of Islam in Saudi but…….we know funding comes from Saudi for Al-Queda, Taliban and Al-Shabob, educational books calls Jew’s pigs and infidels devils and the like,  women cannot drive, no other religion can be openly practiced, you can be put to death for apostates, they kill witches, and there are inquisition practices, the list goes on.

7.  Last thing she states that bugs me is that to understand women in Saudi you must talk to them as they represent themselves????????  Yet, they are not allowed to drive at all, cannot leave the country without permission from the male owner (husband, brother, father, or even a kid son who by the way can drive).  In addition, how can you even get to them to speak with them???????  How do they represent themselves?????     None of this information is provided.

8.  Watch the video and watch her and at one point you will see her look at someone as if they were giving her instructions or  chastising her for something from the expression she has on her face.

So did this interview actually convey anything of any importance or was it a nice fluff piece of nothing????????    I think it was a nice fluff piece conveying nothing except go to Arab news to get your truthful journalism.


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