Assam (India): Muslims raped Hindus women and chopped them

When you think of barbarism, think of Islam!

Ever since the creation of Islam in 621 A.D, by a sadistic maniac who consumed an 8 years old girl and make this ‘religion’ a military conquests, the world has never had such magnitude of inhuman injustices, crimes indignity. In India alone, more than 80 million of Hindus have been butchered.

In India, Assam, 4 million Bangladeshis have been allowed to settle with all facilities like Ration Card, housing/shelter and even securing job by Con Gress which has transgresses socio-political norms just for vote banks. Con Gress consists or people of low character, dacoits and fraudsters and when we know this Macaroni kutti has 75 billion dollars at Swiss banks in the Bofors affairs.

A few days ago, Hindu women have been raped and chopped to pieces to satisfy the exalted one.

Horrible! Shocking! But what does Islamic teaching mentions:

What does Muhammad said?
“The Quran says that restitution for murder is bound by the law of equality (2:178) and that non-believers are not equal to Muslims (39:09).   Muhammad affirmed that while a Muslim may be punished with death for killing a fellow Muslim, they should never be slain for killing a non-believer. ”

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